Propspeed was first introduced to the UK in 2004, the product was tested extensively at the Tidemill Yacht Harbour on the East Coast and it is here that the new management team for Propspeed are now based.  Since trialling the product initially, Propspeed has been refined to give exceptional performance and we have found it outperforms anything else we have tried over the years.

Propspeed prevents marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline.  It has been formulated to prevent growth on propellers, shafts, bow thrusters, rudders, trim tabs and keel coolers.  Propspeed is an environmentally safe product and does not contain copper, tin or any other toxic substances which may cause environmental pollution.

Propspeed can increase vessel performance, fuel efficiency; lower maintenance costs and is incredibly effective.  The unique “foul release” system produces a surface that marine growth simply can not adhere to.

Propspeed is now available through professional Approved Applicators countrywide.